McLaren Senna Hoisted into $39 Million Dollar Penthouse

SP SETIA - Sapphire By The Garden

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Our team embarked on a high-pressure project to document the extraordinary feat of hoisting Adrian Portellis’ exclusive $3 million McLaren Senna into a lavish $39 million penthouse located at the renowned Sapphire By The Gardens (Two towers, with one side as Sapphire and the other as Shangri-La),  Scheduled for early morning to ensure safety and minimal disruption, this operation required shutting down an entire street and the involvement of over 80 skilled workers. Tasked with capturing every moment for promotional and PR purposes, as well as content for Setia’s Electronic Direct Mails (EDMs) and social media platforms, our team faced a significant hurdle: operating with only two-thirds of our usual battery supply,  This constraint put us under immense pressure to efficiently capture the essential footage within a limited timeframe.


Our team’s ability to adapt and excel under pressure led to the creation of a sensational video that captured the imagination of audiences worldwide. This video, known as the “3 Million Dollar McLaren gets hoisted into 39 Million Dollar Penthouse” quickly went viral, amassing over 3.2 million views on TikTok, and over 200,000 views on Instagram, and, with the added momentum from influencers, PR, and blog features, it achieved a staggering 50 million views globally. This overwhelming success not only bolstered our client SP Setia’s market visibility but also significantly amplified Adrian Portellis’ brand presence.

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