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Embarking on a project with dual goals of charity fundraising and brand promotion, our team faced the intricate task of weaving a compelling narrative through diverse media formats. The project’s deliverables were multifaceted, including high-quality product photos, an eye-catching product launch video, and a story-driven campaign video. Spanning three months, this project required a deep understanding of Chase Shiel’s creative process and the skillful crafting of a campaign narrative for Glenfiddich’s Grand Cru. Each phase of the project was meticulously filmed, capturing the essence of the collaboration.


This ambitious project culminated in the sale of 23 exclusive custom pairs at $3,500 each, featuring a suite of luxury items: two glasses, Glenfiddich’s Grand Cru, custom shoe trees, and bespoke Grand Cru Jordan 1’s. Demonstrating the campaign’s impact, it garnered over 10,000 organic views and secured features on prestigious platforms such as the Australian Financial Review, Sneaker Freaker, The Kickz Stand, and more. This achievement not only highlights the success of the collaborative endeavor but also reinforces the value of creative storytelling in elevating brand narratives.
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